November 17, 2011

Why Go See a Local Band?

A lot of people don’t like to go see local bands live.  They only like seeing established, well-known artists if they are going to spend the cash on a concert ticket.  Today, the price of a concert ticket can be pretty outrageous, especially after fees charged by Ticketmaster, Live Nation, Ticket Web, etc.  

So why go see a local band perform?  Well the first reason and probably the most important as that it’s cheap. Local bands usually don’t make very much money when they play at a venue.  They usually aren’t signed to a record label and they just have a band as a hobby, not a career (at least not yet).  It’s going to cost you way less to see a local band live than it is to see a well known, established band or artist.  

Another reason you should go see a local band play is because it helps get the word out. Not only does it help the band, but it’s people like you that help spread the word about the band.  With social networking the way it is today, if one person tweets or updates their Facebook status that they are seeing some local band live, word can get out to a lot of people. If Amy goes to see her friend’s band live, she can take a video on her cell phone and post the video to her Facebook page.  Some of her friends may check out the video and end up liking the music.  That helps draw more people to the band’s music.  

It’s people like you that help bands to grow.  Bands can’t make good music and instantly have a career.  There are plenty of bands that make awesome music but they never go anywhere.  They NEED fans and they have to start somewhere.  Don’t hesitate to go see a local band play.  It’s always nice to see a band too, especially if they end up making it big.  You will have bragging rights in saying that you saw the band before anybody else and before they were big and still playing smaller venues. Local bands play all the time at venues like The Grog Shop, Musica, and Peabodys. Local artists sometimes have the opportunity to open for for bigger names too.  

So next time your friend asks you to go see a local band play, don’t turn it down.  You may hear something you like.  Or next time you go to a concert, go early enough to see the local band open up.  Just as you support your local sports teams, you should support your local bands.

November 17, 2011   1 note

Another music video from Breathe Carolina.  This song is called “Hello Fascination” and it’s a little bit older.  It’s from their second full-length album called Hello Fascination. Enjoy!

November 17, 2011   3 notes

Breathe Carolina's new video for their song “Blackout.”

November 17, 2011

Breathe Carolina’s Show at Musica

Techno/rock band Breathe Carolina played Akron’s Musica last night.  If you couldn’t attend, you missed a very good, energetic show.  Breathe Carolina always make a stop at Akron’s Musica whenever they do a nationwide tour.  If you haven’t listened to Breathe Carolina, click here to visit their Facebook page.  The band consists of David Schmitt and Kyle Even.  To this date, the band has released one EP, and three full-length albums.  Their latest album is called Hell Is What You Make It and it’s definitely worth picking up.  The new album has their hit single “Blackout” on it.  Be sure to give it a listen!

November 17, 2011

The Grog Shop’s Weekly Schedule

There are some great acts coming to The Grog Shop within the next week.  Look below for the shows within the next week.

11/17/11 - Pomegranates 

11/18/11 - Russian Circles 

11/19/11 - Me

11/22/11 - Tinariwen 

11/23/11 - DJ ESO

11/24/11 - Listen Little Man (feat. XELA)

November 17, 2011

This song is called “Perfect For Me” and it’s by artist Ron Pope.  Ron Pope will be playing at Musica in Akron tonight.  If you like the music, check out his show tonight. Click here for tickets.

November 17, 2011   6 notes

Akron’s Musica Show Schedule

Musica in Akron is a great place to see a show if you’re in the Akron/Cleveland area. The weekly show schedule for this awesome, one of a kind venue can be seen below.

11/17/11 - Ron Pope ($12)

11/18/11 - The Features ($10)

11/19/11 - Hawthorne Heights ($10)

11/20/11 - Jerad Finck ($10)

*After Jerad Finck, shows will not resume until 11/26/11*

November 17, 2011

House of Blues Cleveland Schedule

There are a lot of great shows within the next week at Cleveland’s House of Blues. The show schedule for the next week can be seen below.

11/17/11 - Owl City

11/17/11 - Karaoke Thursday

11/18/11 - Anthrax & Testament with Death Angel

11/18/11 - Dirty Jokes and Drinks with Jackie “The Joke Man” Martling

11/18/11 - Flashback Fridays

11/19/11 - Trippin Billies

11/20/11 - Ledisi w/Timothy Bloom

11/23/11 - Thanksgiving Eve with Diana Chittester & Guests

November 15, 2011   7 notes

Exclusive Interview: Bobby Vaughn of The Promise Hero

The Promise Hero is one of the Cleveland area’s known pop/punk acts.  You may run into frontman, Bobby Vaughn, at a lot of shows in the Cleveland/Akron area.  When The Promise Hero is not playing a show, Bobby is out promoting The Promise Hero as much as he can.  I had a chance to catch up with Bobby and ask him a few questions.

When and how did The Promise Hero come together?

"Daniel Weiss and I were in bands together throughout high school and finally formed The Promise Hero in 2005, my senior year."

What bands/artists would you consider some of your influences?

I would say Blink 182, Saves The Day and the Beatles have always been an influence from the start.” 

What is your favorite venue in the Cleveland/Akron area to play at and why?

"I really enjoy playing at The Grog Shop for it’s good location, friendly staff and a lot of my favorite shows have been put on there."

Who are some of your favorite local bands from the Cleveland/Akron area?

"Smokescreen, My Mouth Is The Speaker, Yelloh, Call It Fiction, Into The Crowd, Runaway Brother and anything Daniel Weiss and Jeff Dilorenzo record."

What does The Promise Hero have planned for the rest of 2011? What about 2012?

"I’ve been recording demos for a new album over the past couple years. I just plan to keep working on songs and finding some friends to help write and record it!"

Click here to check out The Promise Hero on Facebook.

November 10, 2011   1 note

Cleveland’s House Of Blues Weekly Schedule

Below is a list of shows scheduled for the rest of this week at Cleveland’s House of Blues located in downtown Cleveland.  Click here to go to the House of Blues homepage and purchase tickets for the shows listed below.

11/10/11 An Evening With moe.

11/10/11 Karaoke Thursday

11/11/11 Flashback Fridays

11/11/11 - Rising Icons Presents Marsha Ambrosius

11/12/11 - Ray Davies w/The 88